Service Contracts

Pick up where your warranty left off!

In order to better serve our clients, Genfare is offering service contracts specifically designed to keep our clients’ systems maintained and running smoothly once your warranty expires.

You have a few choices with which to support your system: Support Contracts or Project Based Support, or a combination thereof.

Both programs have been designed to transition from the warranty period into an ongoing support based on your agency’s needs.

Support Contracts

You have several options when it comes to supporting your complete system once your warranty has expired.

Complete system coverage

  • Help desk support with optional 24x7x365 coverage (calls are prioritized and follow a service level agreement)
  • Discounts on technical services
  • Discounts on training packages
  • Discounts on OEM parts
  • Discounts on repair services

Onsite service

  • Let Genfare maintain and support your hardware
  • Preventative maintenance programs

Project Based Support

Project based support includes all support and service requests that are not covered by warranty or support contracts. Project based support requests will be individually defined and approved by the customer, and then quoted by Genfare. Scheduling of the support will occur once a purchase order has been received and will be based on current availability.


For a copy of our terms and conditions and warranty, click HERE. Please refer to your individual contract terms for reference.

Questions and Answers

Q.  What prompted this change?
A.  Genfare has been working to improve and prioritize support issues by standardizing our approach to service and support. Standardizing our approach will require our support requests to be defined by type:

  • Warranty - this includes all help desk support.
  • Service Contracts - this includes help desk support and the terms are defined based on your current contract.
  • Project Based Support - if your project is not covered by warranty or a service contract we will work with you to define, scope and quote your request. Upon authorization from your team, we will schedule your solution based on availability.

Q.  When does this change take effect?
A.  The change is effective as of November 14th, 2016. These changes are intended to help us serve you better.