Mobile Link


Genfare Mobile Link was designed for improving efficiencies for transit agencies, their partners and riders through its "Plan, Pay, and Board" principle. The focus of this principle offers the transit agency simplicity and automation in three categories: ease and convenience of better information for riders planning a trip, improved purchasing capabilities and efficiencies, and automatic boarding documentation served up electronically.

Benefits to the Rider

  • Purchase tickets in advance – anywhere, anytime
  • Reduces the need to carry cash or exact change
  • Lowered risk of lost tickets
  • Simple, fast boarding using a smartphone
  • Secure payment gateway

Benefits to the Transit Agency

  • Reduce cash transactions
  • Advanced reporting of critical statistics about ridership
  • Reduced ticket sales costs (lower overhead expenses)
  • Low cost entry into cutting edge fare solutions
  • System integration with future fare collection upgrades
How It Works


  • After downloading the Mobile Link app, set-up your account using the simple and intuitive app interface.
  • Users have the option to register and create a new account, login to an existing account, or checkout as a guest.
  • Plan your trip through the Google Trip Planner, which provides point-to-point navigation, geo-location and leads you through a trip itinerary.
  • Get real-time schedules and traffic alerts so you can predict the arrival of the next bus.
  • Personalize your mobile app dashboard with your tickets, schedules, maps and alerts. All the information you need is right at your fingertips.



  • After you’ve found your route, select the type of fare pass you need and proceed to the secure payment portal.
  • Enter your payment information and your fare is automatically saved to your “ticket wallet.”


  • Once your tickets have been purchased, you’re ready to board! Activate your tickets for electronic or visual validation.
  • Visual Validation: Show the driver your pass on your phone. There is a timer on the pass and a rotation color combination in the background to confirm the usage.
  • Electronic Validation: Validate your pass electronically by scanning the barcode on a Fast Fare device. The barcode is encrypted to be read by the Fast Fare’s scanner and is available both on- and off-line.


Why Genfare?

Genfare’s efficient and sustainable mobile ticketing solution integrates with your existing fare collection system; provides a secure, flexible and scalable backend that ensures the app won’t crash during peak travel times; all provided by your single source vendor for fare management.

Fast Fare

…With Fast Fare

  • Audio and visual indicators from the farebox provide intuitive passenger operation
  • Bar code reader/printer for mobile payments
  • Accepts, issues and validates electronic transfers
  • Data communications systems interface with smart bus systems via J-1708 and easy maintenance
Fast Fare-e

…With Fast Fare-e

  • Easy to follow screen prompts provide intuitive passenger operation
  • Bar code reader scans phone screen for mobile payment
  • Enhanced data collection and communications with 4G capability, significantly improved memory upgrade and transactional database


Change doesn’t happen overnight. Our phased upgrade approach allows your system to evolve seamlessly from legacy products like the Odyssey to the complete solution of mobile payment with FastFare and FastFare‑e.

Odyssey + Fast Fare-e

Odyssey + Fast Fare-e

Fast Fare

Fast Fare

Fast Fare-e

Fast Fare-e


Genfare aggregates data from the mobile ticketing app as well as your existing farebox data to provide integrated reports that help you better manage your fares. Export ad hoc reports directly from your dashboard with sales, ticket, usage, route and geo-location data.