Genfare Link™

The fare management platform of the future

A fully integrated, comprehensive digital solutions suite that delivers total control.

Genfare Link is a comprehensive, digital fare management platform – a suite of fully integrated, hardware and software-based solutions that can manage multi- media fare collection and customer service across multiple transit authorities and modes of transport. It’s your single-source resource to achieve complete control over fare management.

Manage faster, smarter, better. Genfare Link allows transit authorities to manage revenue faster, more securely and more accurately. It also facilitates customer service and enables you to accept virtually any fare payment media. By providing the agility transit operators need to do more for their riders, Genfare Link delivers a better rider experience and greater flexibility to evolve with the latest technology innovations.

Genfare wins Red Hat Innovation Award

Genfare is a Red Hat 2016 Innovation Award Winner in the Transform category. As the transit fare-­collection industry has moved rapidly to digitization, Genfare realized it needed to offer comprehensive fare collection and management solutions.

Read the case study about the Red Hat Innovation Award winning software, Genfare Link. 

How it works

Genfare Link’s complete fare management ecosystem delivers the insights and intelligence you need to make an impact on transit operations. It can be configured to meet the specific requirements and budget priorities today and can be expanded to meet future needs.

Transforming all your data on fare payment, collection and revenue into actionable intelligence.

Key benefits

Genfare Link’s suite of forward-looking solutions meet the evolving needs of transit agencies and their riders by streamlining operations, enhancing fare collection and management, and ensuring greater rider satisfaction.

Making life easier for transit agencies

  • Component compatibility: Smooth integration of all system components leads to less chance of hiccups in the implementation process
  • Robust Analytics: standard reports on key metrics plus the ability to create ad hoc reports keep you up to speed on fare collection and provide data-rich insights
  • Real-time monitoring of fleet and fares: Gives you alerts on what buses need to be serviced as well as ridership data on each route
  • Real-time system updates: Streamlines operations and cuts down on the amount of manpower needed by eliminating a deployment team to maintain
  • Fully scalable and configurable: Can meet the needs of any-size fleet, from buses to trains to paratransit

Making life easier for transit riders

  • Multi-payment enablement platform: Mobile ticketing apps to more traditional coins, cash and credit satisfy the needs of Millennials, Boomers and older
    • “eFare Link” is an online rider portal where commuters can purchase media
    • “Mobile Link” is a mobile ticketing app that allows riders to purchase fares and board using their mobile phone
    • Optional vending machines and retail point-of-sale machines reduce transit center traffic and improve boarding speed
  • Plan, schedule and pay: Easy-access route information lets you plan ahead and schedule rides. Pay onboard or on the go—reload your card, even check your balance
  • Minimizing wait times: Genfare Link’s robust reporting and data mining helps uncover hold-ups in the system so vehicles can be rerouted or schedules can be modified to minimize delays.
Admin: a module that allows the transit agency to govern which actions are permitted by the users, and provides visibility over all organizations, user accounts, and user roles within the Genfare Link system.
Fares: a module that agency users to set up and manage products, channels, fares and any required system configuration. It also lets them define and activate new fare products.
Assets: a module that provides the transit agency with the tools to manage field devices and equipment such as a fare card scanner, POS devices, and fare boxes.
RealTime: a module that provides the agency with the ability to manage incoming system events and assign appropriate error levels to event types based on severity.

Reports: a module that provides administrators with the intel needed to verify and maintain operations, review and audit fare collection, and provide information on system components and functions.

Customer Care: a module that provides customer service information including managing customer and fare card information, functionality for businesses and organizations, and order fulfillment.
Inventory: a module that provides an agency with the ability to manage and oversee fare card inventory stock at different locations and provide mechanisms to handle inventory transfers.
Invoices: provides the agency with mechanisms to export sales data from the Genfare Link system including order/purchase transactions in eFare, CustomerCare, Mobile, APOS and RPOS.