About Us

Introducing the New Genfare

Genfare® has a legacy as a leader and innovator in the transportation industry throughout its long and successful existence. The company’s history stretches back to the 1880s with the invention of the first farebox. Over the years, Genfare has experienced a myriad of product releases, name changes, and headquarter changes but has remained the willing and caring innovator it has always been. With new goals and solutions, Genfare is ready to move forward and keep evolving as a leader in the transportation industry.

  • 1880: Johnson Farebox Founded – Tom Loftin Johnson revolutionizes the fare collection industry with his invention and introduction of the first mechanical farebox.
  • 1881-1930: Johnson’s invention gives way to competition with Keene Farebox, Cleveland Farebox and Duncan Industries.
  • 1930s: Johnson grows and Cleveland Farebox becomes part of Johnson. Johnson continues production of the Cleveland farebox.
  • 1960s: Keene eventually aggregates Cleveland Farebox and Johnson Farebox and uses their farebox technology. Chicago Transit Authority requests that the Duncan Industries parking meter cashbox be engineered into a farebox for CTA buses.
  • 1980s: GFI® is created under General Signal by past Duncan Industries employees and the beginnings of SPX Genfare are solidified with the innovation of the CentsaBill®, the oldest SPX Genfare product.
  • 1990s: GFI becomes GFI Genfare to indicate that it is not just a farebox manufacturer but a fare solutions provider. GFI Genfare expands its products to the U.S. Postal Service and develops over 6,000 stamp vending machines, which later become the Vendstar® product line.
  • 1998: SPX integrates General Signal, putting GFI Genfare into its much larger industrial market.
  • 2000: GFI Genfare develops and releases Odyssey®, its current flagship product. It is a step forward in innovation as the farebox not only validates the inserted coins and bills as genuine but returns unacceptable coins and tokens along with support for newer digital fare media.
  • 2005: GFI Genfare expands its services to multiple cities across the U.S.
  • 2006-2009: GFI Genfare continues innovating and producing future-proof products with the Vendstar-2 and Vendstar-3 series to improve sales functionality for tickets and passes.
  • 2012: GFI Genfare becomes SPX Genfare. Now part of SPX Corporation, Genfare releases Fast Fare® and e-Fare® pushing it forward as a continuous leader in the transportation industry.
  • 2014-PRESENT: Genfare expands its array of intelligent fare solutions by releasing Genfare Mobile Payment, an easy-to-use rider-friendly fare program, and Genfare Link, a cloud-based hosted backend, to ensure smooth operation for any agency. Though still a part of the SPX family, the company will be known simply as Genfare.

Mission and Vision

Mission: SPX provides innovative solutions that create value for our customers and meet the growing worldwide demand for global infrastructure, process equipment and diagnostic tools.

Vision: We see a future where our ideas help improve the world around us — a future where our ingenuity is known for solving problems in the industries we serve. Together, we meet the needs of a growing global community in a responsible manner.

Culture: We embrace a culture at SPX where diverse ideas produce the best solutions. We are responsive to the needs of our customers, employees, partners and shareholders. We value continuous improvement and developing employees to enable growth and change. We recognize our community and environmental responsibilities.


  • Lead with the highest standards of ethics and integrity
    • Always do the right thing and keep commitments
    • Engage others to build trust and encourage strong communication
    • Listen and share as a team
    • Question any perceived wrongdoing
  • Innovate with customers
    • Anticipate customer needs and work to exceed their expectations
    • Be enthusiastic and inquisitive: Ask “Why?” Ask “Why Not?”
    • Offer creative ideas and impactful solutions to our customers
  • Impact results through personal accountability to the team
    • Make a positive difference at SPX
    • Step up, meet challenges and adapt
    • Deliver results
  • Value and engage employees
    • Embrace the advantage of diversity
    • Challenge each other
    • Create SPX-wide standards as a team
  • Learn, improve and celebrate
    • Encourage improvement by recognizing achievement
    • Develop your potential and the talent of others
    • Balance your life, family and work